2020 trend : calm and serenity in the countryside

For seminars, business events or vacations, the French prefer open spaces

This early 2020 will have been marked by a multitude of strong news, catastrophic events and serious crises that have tested populations around the world. With a wave of covid-19 that seems to be ebbing and a gradual return to normalcy, our “post-war world” might just be one of a return to simpler things: the fresh air of the countryside, the search for serenity, calm, wide open spaces…

How many city dwellers have experienced confinement as a deprivation of freedom and deconfinement as a source of anxiety? In the face of these sudden events, the major trend for the 2020 season will be to choose to break away and recharge our batteries in a calm, natural environment, in a human-scale place where hospitality, conviviality and personalization are the order of the day, far removed from the logic of mass tourism.

Slow tourism, back-to-nature and ecology have been talked about for years, but what were once fads or trends are now being put into practice and embraced by the vast majority of French people!

And at Les Vents Bleus, we are particularly receptive to these expectations, which have always been part of our philosophy and what we offer our visitors.

We are indeed located in a magnificent region, in the heart of unspoilt nature, in an authentic guest house in which time passes differently. For seminars, business events or vacations, come and take a step back in our guesthouse!