Les Vents Bleus at the Albi Wedding Fair

Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 November 2023

This weekend, Les Vents Bleus invite you to join them at the Albi Wedding Fair to discover a unique place, ideal for making your dreams come true in the heart of Tarn.

The ideal place for your dream wedding

A celebration in the countryside

If a country wedding appeals to you, our estate is the perfect option. Nestled in the heart of picturesque landscapes, Les Vents Bleus offers a bucolic, peaceful and romantic setting. Imagine exchanging your vows under azure skies, surrounded by lush green fields and the sound of birdsong.


Unique spacesmariage aux vents blue

Our estate offers a variety of unique locations for your event. Whether you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, an elegant indoor reception, or dinner under the stars, we have the perfect venue for every moment of your special day.





mariage aux vents bleuesA dream celebration

At Les Vents Bleus, our commitment is to realize your vision of the perfect event. Our dedicated team works with you to personalize every detail, from decorations to gastronomy. We are here to help you create an event that reflects your love and personal style.






Join us at the Albi Wedding Fair

Come meet us this weekend at the Albi Wedding Show to chat with our team and discover how Les Vents Bleus can bring your dreams to life in the Tarn.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Albi Wedding Show and helping you make your dreams come true in our unique venue. Your event deserves to be celebrated in a space that lives up to your vision, such as Les Vents Bleus.

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